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Scrape Telegram Members From Groups

What is Telegram Group Scraper Software ?

Telegram Group Scraper is a software tool to scrape telegram members from any telegram groups. Just enter the telegram group address (group link or url) and start scraping telegram members. You can use our telegram add member software to add scraped members to your own telegram group or channel. By using telegram group scraper and adder, you can easily scrape any niche group members from competitor telegram groups and add to your own group. You can easily grow your telegram group with our Telegram Group Scraper software.

Telegram Group Scraper is an excellent way to find active members for your Telegram Group.Telegram Group Scraper can play a significant role in enhancing your Telegram Group's presence. Even though you can find active users, it is essential to provide quality content to improve engagement. it is hard to find active members for your Telegram Group. Using software like telegram scraper , you can scrap members from other Groups and store them as a CSV file. Whenever you use telegram group members scraper, you have to ensure that you are scrapping a Group that belongs to your niche. If you have a telegram group on indoor plants to promote your business, there wouldn't be many benefits in exporting members from a group on automobiles.

Is Telegram Group Scraper Software safe ?

You don't have to worry that you are breaking the terms and conditions of telegram while using telegram scraper . The primary reason is that Telegram Group Scraper complies with telegram's TOS, as it relies upon telegram's API to scrape members. It's an entirely different method of scraping and not like python scraping scripts. So it's safe. Telegram group scraper is the best telegram marketing software that uses telegram api for exporting telegram ids. You can export members from any telegram group (no need of admin). Make sure to check group member visibility before exporting members from the group. You can't export members from a telegram group if members are hidden.You can use any other telegram add member software with telegram group scraper to add members to your telegram group or channel.

Does telegram allow scraping from telegram groups and channels?

Yes, telegram allows scraping from groups and channels. For this you have to use the official telegram API. We don't recommend using python scripts for scrapping from telegram because Python scripts automate the web browser and telegram detects web automation as a bot. As a result, telegram block that account for safety so we never recommend using python scripts or Google Chrome extension for scrapping members from telegram telegram now provides API for exporting members from telegram groups or channels. Our telegram group scraper uses that API for scraping telegram members. Any developer who has knowledge with MVATC framework can easily use telegram API for exporting data from telegram group or channel.Make sure to scrap from a group that has more than hundred members because telegram API doesn't support scrapping members from groups or channels that have less than hundred members.

Steps To Use Telegram Group Scraper

Enter Group Link

Provide link of group you want to scrape members in telegram group scraper. It must be public group with valid telegram link.

Set Export Filter

Set filter settings. You can export users based of activity with telegram group scraper. Like most active to least active by enabling various filters.

Start Exporting ID's

Start exporting ids and save to csv file. It will export members from groups based on activity filter set by you in telegram scraper.

Here are the steps you have to follow while you download and install Telegram Group Scraper .

Step 1: Click on the download option that you can find on the website.

Step 2: Provide a valid email ID and download the telegram group members scraper by following the steps. Install the application on your device (computer). It is best to use a system with Windows operating system.

Step 3: Once you have the software on your computer, you can now use it to scrap members from other Telegram Groups. Before that, you have to create an account on Telegram Group Scraper.

Step 4: Right-click on Telegram Scraper Software and select "Run as Administrator." The application will open.

Step 5: You can then click on login. You can see it as a blue color button on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 6: Enter your mobile number. Don't forget to write it in the international country code format.

Step 7: Once you have provided those details, you will have to enter the Telegram Code. You will receive it on your Telegram account.

How to export members from a Telegram Group using Telegram Group Scraper?

As mentioned, Once you have logged into Telegram Group Scraper, you can now add members by following these steps:

Step 1: Enter the Telegram Group information that you wish to scrap. You have to be a member of the Group, and the Group has to be public. You can find the name of the concerned Telegram Group in this format - https:/ You have to use the custom Super Group link and cannot rely upon invite links.

Step 2: Next, you have to use the filter option to set the time duration to find active users. You can opt for any of the five options we have discussed above.

Step 3: Click on the export members option. Telegram scraper tool will start scraping active members based on your choice of filter.

Step 4: Save the details as a CSV file in your system. Ensure that it is in the correct format (each username has to be separated by a comma).

Step 5: You can now use these details to add members by using Telegram Add Members software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit in exporting telegram group members?

You can export all active members using telegram group scraper software. There is no limit in exporting members. For better performance, use a well established telegram account. Telegram group scraper supports exporting members from all public telegram groups.

Is it safe using this Telegram scraper ?

Yes. Our Telegram scraper is safe with telegram terms and we are using telegram api for scraping members from telegram groups. So your telegram account is safe with our Telegram scraper software. Always use a telegram account without limitation.

What is Telegram Group Scraper ?

Telegram Group Scraper is a software by which you can find active users for your Telegram Group. Trying to find members conventionally might take months to get a niche-based audience. But, when you use Telegram Scraper, you can find active members from your competitors without even spending a day. Besides that, Telegram Group Scraper complies with the TOS of Telegram as it uses Telegram API to find users. While using this software, you can customize your search settings and filter your users while you are uploading them. You can also save the details of these members as a CSV file.

How to Scrape members using Telegram Group Scraper ?

To scrape members from a telegram group using our telegram group members scraper, you will need to have the group's custom link or know the username of the group. You can find the group name by tap on the group name at the top of the screen. Once you have found the group url, enter the url to our scraper software and start scraping telegram members.

Why should you use Telegram Scraper software?

There are numerous benefits of using Telegram Group Scraper. However, it depends upon your purpose. If you have a small business and want to generate new leads, you can use this software to reach out to your target audience. By doing so, you can increase the click-through rate and enhance the number of sales.The telegram group scraper software works in line with the terms of service of telegram by making use of the Telegram API. It is ideal for internet marketers who plan to collect ids from different telegram groups and channels. Our software scrapes faster compared to other softwares . You can easily scraping your members of your competitor group or channel by adding them to your group or channel using telegram add member software.

You can also use Telegram Group Scraper for promoting an event or your business. In a nutshell, this software would help you build your Telegram Group from scratch. It can also assist you in finding an active audience who would find your content as complying with their interests.

What are the features of Telegram Scraper software?

The main features of Telegram Scraper that you have to consider include:

• By using this scrape telegram group members software, you can find active members who have a real interest in the products you are offering. Through this, you can grow your business without any hassle.

• You can use Telegram Scraper to export members from other niche-based groups into a CSV file. You can use these details to add members to your Group.

• You can make changes to the search settings, which would help you to filter the users. Through this, you can ensure that you are finding the right audience.

• Even though you can only import 8000 members per day, you can export an unlimited number of users. You can use scrape telegram group members tool for this purpose. Instead of importing members to your Group, you can also use the details to send bulk messages.

How to download Telegram Group Scraper Bot?

You can download Telegram Group Scraper from here. You have to ensure that you are doing so from there itself. You have to click on the download option. You can opt for the free download option and then switch to the premium version. You have to provide a valid email address and install the software on your device. Before that, you have to run the software as an administrator on your device. It is best to use a device with an operating system, which is Windows Eight and above. Currently, you can use Telegram Group Scraper on your computer, and it is unavailable on mobile phones.

Telegram group scraper export real active members?

Yes. Telegram group scraper export only active members. Our scraping algorithm exports members based on the recent activity. Means our scraper software will sort all members first based on activity. First it exports active members, then members active in telegram a few minutes ago, then active telegram members a few hours ago and so on. Scraping real telegram members using telegram group scraper are the ones who follow you with their whole interest in your channel and engage in your content wholeheartedly. They don’t usually unfollow your account until they lose interest, but it happens rarely. Such members are very useful for the growing group or channel as they attract organic followers more when they find interactive communities that trust your business.

Can i export telegram members based on activity ?

Yes. You can export active members. Select activity filter in telegram scraper exporting window.Choose activity level based on last seem or active on telegram. You can choose, active last month, active oon telegram last week, online or select any custom time duration. It's a very useful feature for exporting most active members using the telegram group scraper tool. Exporting moost active users is the excellent way to scrape active telegram members. Our telegram scraper tool is absolutely free to try.

What are the advantages of using telegram premium?

With telegram premium, you can scrap more members compare to without telegram. Premium telegram premium provides more faster scrapping without any limitations from telegram. So we definitely recommend using telegram premium with our telegram group scrapper.

How to create an account on Telegram Group Scraper?

Once you have downloaded telegram group member scraper, you have to log in using your phone number. For that purpose, you have to create an account with Telegram Group Scraper. You have to provide your phone number to do so. However, when you are adding it, ensure that you are providing it with an international code. Each country has its unique code, and you can find the details on the website. However, you should have a Telegram account linked to the number. Within a few seconds, you would receive a code on your Telegram account. You can use it to log in to your account and start using Telegram Group Scraper.

How to use Telegram Group Scraper to add members?

After logging into your Telegram Group Scraper account, you can export members with ease. You have to type in the Group link, which you wish to scrape. Ensure that you are a member of the Telegram Group, and it has to be a Super Group. Now, you have to use the settings to filter the members and then start scrapping. You can export the details into a CSV file on your device with telegram group member scraper. However, you have to ensure that it is the correct format. It means that you have to separate each username by a comma. After that, you can use this information to add members to your Group.

What's Telegram Scraping?

Telegram scraping means automatically scraping publicly available data from telegram users. This data includes telegram ids, telegram username, first name, last name and a little more information that can be used for telegram remarketing purposes using our software.Our powerful telegram scraper software will scrape data from channels and groups.

Telegram Scraper

Active Members

Telegram group scraper Export 100% active members.

Unlimited Exporting

You can export whole members from group.

Search Settings

You can filter exporting by active users.

Save to CSV

You can save it to CSV for future use.

telegram scraper

Click Below to Download Telegram Group Scraper

We are providing add member software as trial version.You can try adding members to your group or channel with our telegram add member software. Please, email us for any help. We are happy to help. Scrape telegram group Members and save to a CSV file using telegram group scraper software. Click above button to know how to download telegram scraper software. Provide Telegram Group link and start exporting telegram members using our all in one Telegram Scraper . You can use our scraper software to export members to CSV file. With scraper software for exporting and telegram add member software for adding, you can add members to your channel or group. Click above download button and try it for free.

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PROS of Telegram Group Scraper

1. With Telegram Scraper bot , you can find active members. There is a higher chance of engagement and return on investment if you have active members in your Group.

2. There is no limit to exporting members from a Group to a CSV file in your system. You can scrap as many Telegram Groups as you want and save the usernames of Group members. You can use this data while adding members to your Group.

3. We have already mentioned that Telegram Group Scraper provides you with active members. But the question is, how do we find them? In Telegram Group Scraper, there is a search settings option. With this, you can filter active users on Telegram. There are five main options available for you to choose from, and they include - active-last week, active-last month, online, active recently, was online not earlier. It is best to opt for the last option as you can choose a date from the calendar.

4. You can save the list of usernames as a CSV file on your device for future use. You can use this data while adding members to your Telegram Group or Channel. With our telegram group scraper software, you can export all valid active members from telegram groups. Niche members in telegram marketing play a key role in sales and conversion using telegram marketing software.

Telegram Group Scraper Support

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